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Welcome on the official site of the RPG-SoundMixer

GrafikPG-SoundMixer is a tool specifically designed to create music and effect backgrounds for "Pen&Paper" RPG sessions. It allows you to easily add ambiance to your games. What could be more atmospheric than a journey through a echoing cave system where you can actually hear the simmering lava while ghastly sounds echo from the cave walls and eerie music plays in the background? Imagine a journey over magnificent mountains, where you can hear the horses' trotting and whuffing, the blowing storm, and the occasional calls of birds of prey punctuating this idyllic setting. And who hasn't battled orcs? Whipping sounds, screams of pain, bashing swords, and shouts fill the air during combat.

Grafikt first, all this may seem far to difficult to realised in your own role playing sessions. But it isn't! The RPG-SoundMixer offers features specifically suited for use in role playing games - features no other tool provide. With a simple keystroke you can activate and control a vast array of scenarios and musical scores. The computer, normally rather cumbersome while playing, can be put aside - the RPG-SoundMixer is controllable without looking at a screen. All you need is a keyboard near your GM's station and a good set of speakers!

Grafikhe possibilities of creating dynamic Fantasy and Science-Fiction sound scenarios are virtually endless. No matter whether you want to use music exclusively for your role playing games (intelligent CD-play lists or file-playlists supporting different file formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, or MIDI) or whether you intend to use it more professionally, to employ movie-quality sound effects, with RPG-SoundMixer the choice is yours! When playing music, RPG-SoundMixer allows you to select the tracks that fit the current situation. The scenarios are completely dynamic, meaning that they're based on a random time flow that allows you to choose suitable effects, modifies the sounds and thus prevents boredom even after hours of using the tool.

Grafikot convinced?


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