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General information

Please read the following information before downloading!

(Note: You can also visit the German page, because more downloads are offered there)


Downloads only for RPG-SoundMixer:
I want to point out that all files here are in a special format for RPG-SoundMixer. Therefore they can only be used with RPG-SoundMixer.

Your assistance:
This page can only grow with your help, therefore I am always on the lookout for new sound-libraries or sound-events from you. This is also a frequent topic on our boards. It doesn't matter if it is an entire project or just a simple sound-event! I will gladly upload them to the page. Just let me know trough the contact form! Or just send me a mail with the file attached.

Copyright hints:
I want to point out that none of the files in the sound collections contain any copyright or origin data. No commercial sounds or music was used. Only the demo projects contain small clips from commercial cds, but they are of inferior quality and are only used for demonstration respectively advertisement for the CD. If somebody notice a copyright violation, please tell me so i can take the according steps.
The usage of these files is only allowed for private use of course!

Explanation of important terms:


Sound-libraries are the main data format for RPG-SoundMixer. Many sound-events are stored inside (see sound-events for further info) and also information which files (when, how, etc) will be played. Any of the sound files itself (WAV, MP3, MID, WMA) can be stored there, too.
A RPG-Group usually has their own sound-library which had grown over the years. On the other hand its also possible to make a own sound-library for every adventure. Especially the last ones should be offered for download here.

Sound collection:

  Sound collections are more or less sound-libraries (see there). Nevertheless they are distinguished by name because they only need to be opened once. They are just an archive and contain lots of sound-effects and/or pieces of music in WAV, MP3, MID or WMA format. By opening the file RPG-SoundMixer copies the files into the corresponding root folders. After that they can be used by foreign or your own sound-libraries.
Therefore sound collections are often prerequisite for other sound-libraries.(see there)


Often there are many sound-events per sound-library. A sound-event could be a scenario of some sort (e.g. "fight against Orks", "a tavern", "on the fair" or very specific "the travel trough the swamp of lost souls"). Sound-events consist of one or more sound-banks (see there).
If you have good sound-events you want to share with the rest of the community you can put them online here.


Similar to sound-events these files can also be released and traded. They are a bit more specific and are related only to a single sound-effect.
A sound-bank can be used to store single sound-effects (e.g. the barking of a dog in multiple variations or the bloodcurdling screams of a dinosaur with echo and reverb effects.

Further informations can be found in the RPG-SoundMixer Manual.