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The RPG-SoundMixer was probably the first of its sort, and it enriched many role-playing evenings with a special flair and atmosphere. Regretfully, for many fans it has been clear for a while: the era RPG-SoundMixer is coming to an end, its star will set...

The gods of role-playing games have not been favourable, so I was never able to reserve enough time for continuing the development. Nothing worked out as I desired, and things will not change in foreseeable time. Everybody who knows, that I am a passionate software developer and that the RPG-SoundMixer has been a great idea and project, can guess how disappointed and angry I am about this fact. Our interconnected world, computer systems and especially expectations towards software like the RPG-SoundMixer have changed drastically since the very first version. There were thousands of possibilities, which are still unused, and I have dreamed more than once about developing new ideas and heading towards new directions. Packing it all in and dedicating myself to the RPG-SoundMixer and to my ideas would be an option, but no option I could live on.

Meanwhile the RPG-SoundMixer is not a stable application any more. It still runs on several systems smoothly, but the number of problem reports related to Windows 7 and especially Windows 8 are too high. Sometimes there is a problem with the volume adjustment, sometimes playing MIDI files is not working any more, but there are also complete failures. And, of course, not everybody has the time and possibility to install a legacy system for the RPG-SoundMixer in order to have a smooth experience. Therefore, discontinuing the project is the only option I have. However, I will run this site and some support a while longer. If I see a chance to realize my ideas, this is not a farewell for ever.

I hope that the RPG-SoundMixer will still bring fun and atmosphere to many role-playing groups, as long as it works. But besides that, what to run after the RPG-SoundMixer era? Well, many people did contact me and sometimes there was some time to chat. Personally I think that the ARES player, which mentions the RPG-SoundMixer to be one of its origins, is the most interesting tool. By now, this open source tool is even outclassing the RPG-SoundMixer in some areas. I hope that this project will have a big success, and I am sure that taking farewell of the RPG-SoundMixer is not taking farewell of unforgettable role-playing nights.

Sincerely yours,