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(Version 1.610)
(Available in English and German)

  • Definable, individual sound-events, which can be activated by keystroke. The range of possible effects goes from simple effects (i.e. a stroke of a gong or an explosion) to endless, dynamically created scenarios (i.e. a battle, a ship journey, etc.)
  • Creation of sound-effect from WAV or MP3 files
  • Creation of MP3, WMA, MIDI, WAV and CD-playlists for background music
  • Music and other effects overlap and employ fading to combine them. Duration and volume are individually adjustable
  • CD-administration including automatic CD-recognition and track updates when replacing the CD
  • Sections, which enable the game master to adapt the temporal progress of an adventure by pressing a single key
  • Definable reverb effects that can be quickly implemented (mountains, hangar, forest, city, halls, caves, "dream effect", etc.)
  • All play lists include a random mode where you can edit the individual probabilities that each piece will play
  • Alternate sounds for a single effect (i.e. different dog barks) using variable pitch and frequency, all completely user definable
  • Different time filters for distinct sound-effects and scenarios, for example looping, duration, infinite looping, random delay, etc.
  • Sound-events activate one another (Starting or Stopping), to aid in the creation of sound scenarios
  • Volume and frequency variation are available to create even more realism (for example: the smith's hammering gets louder or more quiet or its frequency is changed, the wind in the background varies in volume and its pitch is raised or lowered, etc.)
  • Each sound-effects' balance is adjustable, and may be both fixed and variable (example: the birds' chirping comes from different directions)
  • Balance paths are definable (example: a bee flying around, an avalanche going down from left to right,etc.)
  • Slow fade-in and fade-out effects
  • A real time echo can be activated for each sound-effect
  • Separate adjustment of main, sound, and music volume
  • Volume levels for activated sounds can be adjusted quickly (example: a close, loud waterfall and silently trotting horses in the background)
  • Add your own background layouts to provide a more suitable SoundMixer design (fantasy, science-fiction, or your own RPG pics)
  • Print your overview files as a quick reference for user defined keys
  • Save your sound-libraries, which will then contain all necessary files (music and sound) enabling you to share your entire project
  • or Save a single effect or scenario, and share it on the RPG-SoundMixer homepage!