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Version History

    Update 1.601 => 1.610:

  • Help is displayed while creating a sound-event, showing how it can be started and stopped
  • Media control keys on modern keyboards and notebooks are now supported
  • Easier navigation through the sound-effects of a sound-bank
  • Overall volume is now synchronized with Windows
  • Multiple keys are now locked (to make new functions possible)
  • Hot-Keys (keys that work in every mode)
  • More sound-modes (accessible through the left shift key)
  • Predefined sound and media volume in sound-effects
  • Even single sound files can now be put in sound-libraries (no more sound packets!)
  • Display of the used sound-effects
  • Improved screening while loading files
  • Display of running sound-events
  • Random number of sound-bank sequences
  • Sound-events with sections
  • The possibility of running a sound-bank after a Fade-In was abolished (incompatible with the new section system)
  • Accelerated start-up time
  • Volume controllable by mouse
  • Reduced CPU usage rate
  • The frequency is now taken into account when displaying the duration of a sound-effects
  • Scripting is now improved and a official feature
  • Scripts can now started through the menus
  • Problems with the splash-screen are solved
  • Accessing of compressed sound-libraries improved
  • Saving of sound-packages is no more possible without an open sound-library
  • A change of the menu size was undone (preventing minor glitches on XP-Systems)
  • and of course some small improvements, optimisations and bug fixes...
  • Hint:
    Old sound-packages (not the normal sound-libraries!) can no longer be used after this patch! Please save your sound-package as libraries before patching.